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About us

LungCancerC is a unique international network with the objective of connecting patients, doctors and hospitals on one communication platform on a non-commercial basis.


Patients are given the possibility of learning about their disease and get to know the latest research news and science breakthroughs at no charge. But in the first instance LungCancerC aims to become a platform for the exchange of experiences of people who have fallen ill with lungcancer. Because even if the experiences of the single individuum may be as different and unique as the individuum itself and its course of disease, a single tip or a piece of advice can change a lot.


Using the advanced search for hospitals and doctors the patient is given the possibility of finding, contacting and evaluating them. So doctors and hospitals are set in the position of getting a direct feedback from their patients that given in an objective and constructive way can help to improve medical care.


LungCancerC declares expressly not to raise a claim to be able to replace doctors, hospitals or their consultation in any way or to make them unnecessary, but aims at helping all the people dealing with lungcancer in any way to deal with it more easily and to offer a communication platform of which all members can benefit from.


Once you have joined LungCancerC you will have access to participate in the discussions, post new topics, connect and communicate with other members and access many other special features.


Membership is completely free. 


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