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The protection of your personal data is of utmost concern to us.
In this Privacy Policy we would like to inform you about how we treat your personal data and how you can exchange this data with other users of our Web site.

This Privacy Policy supplements our Terms and Conditions.

1. Basic Principles in treating your Personal Data

We strictly adhere to the following basic principles in the protection of your Personal Data:
We shall collect process and use your Personal Data in accordance with the laws and statutes on data protection of the Federal Republic of Germany and those of the European Union.
We shall use your Personal Data solely to provide our services on the Internet for which you have registered yourself. In no event we shall pass your Personal Data on to any third party, neither for advertising, marketing nor for any other purposes. With the exception of some general information about your private status you decide all for yourself which of your Personal Data you have delivered to us may be displayed by us to other members of the network (cf. Section 3).

2. Definitions

The following terms used in this Privacy Policy shall have the following meaning:

"Personal Data" shall mean all data and/or information about your profession or your person.

"Our website" shall mean the entirety of websites on which we provide our services.

"Members” shall mean all registered users on our website.

"Our services" shall mean all registration based services offered by us on our website.

"Registration Data" shall mean such Personal Data you must deliver to us in the registration process for our services (mandatory fields).

"Contact Information" shall mean our website on which the Personal Data you have delivered to us is displayed in accordance with your specifications and your consent.

3. What do we know of you, what do you allow us to do, and what happens with your Personal Data?

3.1 Registration Data

In order for our services to function, we need to collect and process certain of your Personal Data in the course of the registration process. First of all, this consists of the following data:
User name

Your password is not visible to any of the members at any time. In no event shall we disclose or pass your password on to any third party.
Further, you need to fill out the following Personal Data in the course of the registration process (mandatory fields):
Email address
First name, surname, form of address
Country, state and city of your company

The following mandatory Personal Data is accessible to other members without any restrictions:
First name, surname and date of membership

3.2 Voluntary Data

If you wish, you may provide additional information about yourself aside from the mandatory data on a voluntary basis (in the following referred to as "Voluntary Data"), to allow other members to better get to know you. At the time being, you may choose for example from the following Voluntary Data: Your interests, your education, companies you work for, what you have to offer to other members, what you are looking for from other members, etc. You may also upload a photograph of yourself, if you wish.
You choose if these voluntary Data are to be seen by your contacts, the contacts of your contacts or for all members.

3.3 Your Contact Site, Contact Management

The following of the Personal Data you have delivered to us is visible to all other members:
First name, surname

All other members may access your Contact Site and view the information displayed on the Contact Site, including such Voluntary Data you have specified to be accessible to all other members. Certain members may be able to access further of your Voluntary Data in accordance with your specifications for the relevant certain members.
If you contact members with a request for personal contact, such members are stored on your Contact Site in a contact list. In the event a member confirms your request for contact, this member shall be counted for you as a so called "confirmed contact". Confirmed and unconfirmed contacts shall be registered separate from one another. Other members may at all times only view your list of confirmed contacts.

We have preset the settings to your privacy under "Privacy" per default so that the list of your confirmed contacts is displayed to all members. However, you may change this setting at any time by yourself to the effect that your list of confirmed contacts is not visible to anybody at all or only to certain of your contacts, for example to the direct contacts of your contacts (i.e. contacts in the second generation)

Other members may send private messages to you in order to establish contact with you. We have preset the settings to your privacy under „Privacy" per default so that all members may send private messages to you. You may restrict the authority of members to send private messages to you at any time to the effect that either none of the members or that only selected contacts are allowed to send private messages to you, for example only the direct contacts of your contacts (i.e. contacts in the second generation.

4. Availability of your Contact Site to Non-Members

We have preset the settings to your privacy under "Privacy" for the protection of your privacy per default to the effect that your Contact Site is not available to non-members and that your Contact Site is not traceable for search engines on the Internet.

5. Forums, Groups

On our websites, we offer certain forums, groups and similar services (collectively hereinafter referred to as the "forums").
Please note: In the event a forum is specified as "public" on our website all contributions of members to such a forum can be read by all other members, and these contributions are then also accessible to members on the Internet without any restrictions.

6. Tips and Recommendations

On our website, we offer you the possibility to enter your tips and recommendations for cities, locations, services, events, exhibitions and other services (in the following “tips”) with your name as author. With this function you may manage and coordinate your tips. Members can valuate the tips. All tips and comments can be seen by all Members.

7. Invitations

As a member you may invite other persons to membership with our website. We shall process the personal data collected in the course of the invitation solely for the invitation and we shall not use it for any other purposes.

8. Search Functions

Our services offer various possibilities for the search of specific other members. These various search functions may assist you, for example, in finding other members with similar interests. The search functions also help you to initiate contact with other members who offer exactly what you are looking for. Thus, you can find exactly the contacts you really need - and systematically expand your personal network.

9. Cookies

After you have logged in to our websites with your user name and password, we use cookies in order to identify you during the course of your session. One cookie will be stored on your computer. Upon the termination of your session the cookie will be automatically deleted.

10. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy, in the event this is necessary due to gaps of this Privacy Policy identified only after their release, or in the event this is necessary with respect to additional or amended services provided by us. We will notify you of any amendments of this Privacy Policy by e-mail to the e-mail account you have provided to us in the course of your registration.

11. Accessibility of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is accessible from any of our websites under the link "Privacy Policy".

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